Cologne Du Mate

Pick a tangerine, peel the fruit to separate the segments, place them around a glass of ice-cold mate. Citrus and leaves blend their aromas, the sweet bitterness of one responds to the herbaceous and nuanced notes of tea of the other. Cologne du Maté is an unexpected olfactory thunderbolt between two elements, which merge into the heart of the composition. The mate absolute is little used in perfumery. Even less iced to the extreme to blend in with a tangerine essence. And yet, alchemy operates instantly. The Paradisone, fresh as a waterfall, stretches the zesty and fruity vivacity of the tangerine to the mate supported by the delicately aromatic essence of sage. A Cologne du Maté that could have been called Encounter on the skin between a zest and a leaf.

A note from the perfumer:

"It's been a long time since I wanted to work on this olfactory duo. Tangerine is an extraordinary fruit for a perfumer, very faceted, both fruity with this delicate bitterness that we like in a citrus and very tangy. The mate is amazing; it offers shades much greener and herbaceous than tea. Between them, they offer this very lively and zesty freshness which leaves on the skin the delicious perfume of a tangerine that has just been peeled. "
Scent Family: Aromatic

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