The incense game

The guests are ready, the game can begin. The burner in which the small piece of wood lies is passed from hand to hand, it burns slowly. Everyone concentrates on the delicate scent from the plumes of smoke… Incensum pays tribute to Kōdō, an ancient Japanese ceremony where fun was had trying to identify different elements being burnt. It is an imaginative recreation of these fragrances, the perfumer’s take on an ancient art, one of the most complex and refined that ever existed. In a meeting of the Orient and the Occident, you can smell the subtle, smoky notes of Wood and Incense and the depth of Myrrh blended with Papyrus and Wood Leather. In Japan, it is said that one “listens to” perfume, that it soothes the body, mind and soul.

A note from the perfumer:

“Incensum is not a literal interpretation of Kōdō, it is an olfactory link between the different cultures that have elevated the status of perfume to that of art in Asia or the Middle East… Therefore, I combined spices and extracts such as Incense or Myrrh with the characteristically subtle notes of aromatic Wood favoured by the Samurai and Shōguns.”
  • Top: Ginger Essence
  • Heart: Smoked Incense Essence, Myrrh Essence
  • Base: Wood Leather, Papyrus Essence
Scent Family: Leather

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