Coeur De Cologne

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All that we like in a Cologne, and much more. There is the pleasure of the fresh and familiar haze when it comes to perfume, the elegant vivacity of the most beautiful citrus fruits and especially the impression of sensing on the skin the intense and delicate smell of orange blossoms. A sensation so intense that you think you have plunged your face in a basket of white petals and odorous flower buds. Coeur de Cologne is a pure concentrate of what makes the soul of a beautiful Eau de Cologne but with new density and simplicity. Few ingredients for them to fully express themselves: neroli supported by orange blossom absolute, bergamot and lemon, plus a hint of green and honey liatrix, musks and a few tears of incense for the depth. More than a heart, it is a quintessence of Cologne in the intense wake.

A note from the perfumer:

"Coeur de Cologne holds a special place in the collection. I have created it so that it offers a freshness and an extreme density that can be worn alone or with another perfume. Imagine the white colour in the palette of a painter: alone, it expresses itself beautifully under the brush of the artist, as a duo, it nuances another colour, revealing new chromatic ranges. Coeur de Cologne is a bit like white in the palette of scents that I propose to everyone."

Intention of the perfumer for the part on "The game of the nuances" (customisation)

"In tandem with Cologne du Maté, Coeur de Cologne highlights the fruity accents and the sweet bitterness of the tangerine essence.
In tandem with Cologne de Figuier, Coeur de Cologne highlights the fig note of the creation, all in juicy roundness.
Coeur de Cologne can also be superimposed on other fragrances: depending on the skins, citrus fruits and neroli will complement the creation with a certain vivacity, a touch of sweetness or even a hint of luxury. Nothing is predicted in advance, it's all about meeting with a skin and a second perfume.