Le Barbier de Tanger


« Le Barbier de Tanger » will transport one straight back to the fifties or earlier, into one of the old , traditional barber-shops of our elders. A very special one in Tangiers, now certainly long gone, gave its name to a green, clean, fresh fern that combines « old time style » that may qualify it as « retro ». « Retro », but also modern, for its refined and subtle composition that combines freshness and preciousness makes it the perfect choice to start the day.

Main olfactive notes:

  • Head notes: Basel, cardamom, lemon, bergamot, yellow tengerine, clean note used for the first time by Pierre Bourdon in « Cool Water » for Davidoff
  • Heart notes: lavender, petitgrain, galbanum, pineapple, apple
  • Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, amber and wood notes, oak moss
Scent Family: Aromatic

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