Solar Blossom



Seville, 1960.
“I remember it like it was yesterday. The scent of orange blossom in the courtyard, the intense spring sun and me, a young boy, concentrating intently on my vanilla ice cream. We would often eat it when the temperatures soared. At that time, we didn’t have air conditioning but we had ice cream! We longed for the sea even though it was far away. The slightest breeze would make us dream of a trip to the beach.” Solar Blossom captures this memory. The Paradisone© and the Neroli Oil evoke the cool water that was thrown on the scorched flag stones. Next comes the Orange Blossom and Sambac Jasmine that lay heavy on the warm air, full of aromas, whilst the Vanilla Hyper Absolute adds its delicate sweetness. It’s layer upon layer of olfactory recollections starting with soft, warm orange blossom with a hint of sweetness, just like a pastry from your childhood.

A note from the perfumer:

“I have wanted to create this perfume for a long time but I never managed to achieve the desired notes of Orange Blossom. There are some creations that you work on continuously, striving for perfection… I wanted Solar Blossom to tell my story, these almost unconscious memories of a little boy, but it was also important that everyone else reminisced about their own past from the very first notes. I hope I have achieved this delicate balance between personal and universal.”
  • Top: Neroli Essence from Seville Oranges, Paradisone©
  • Heart: Jasmin Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute
  • Base: Vanilla Hyper Absolute
Scent Family: Floral

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